Mrs. & Mr. Blimie

AF-RiCh-(A family rich in christ) Lifestyle Founders. AF-RiCh Lifestyle is basically a devotion to reading the Bible and praying daily with your family or by yourself prior to attempting anything in the day to emanate a holy vessel decision a sincere and honest choice and commitment to the triangle inside our 1 Step Up Records label logo with the word: AF-RiCh. The triangle symbolizes a reminder of the Three Cord Strand where each angle inside the triangle represents a relationship with God the Bride and the Groom all connected or holding hands in firm commitment to God and in the middle of the triangle are the seeds (child/children, business/endeavors) benefiting from the blessings of honoring the holy vessel living or commitment.

Emmanuel Saye Blimie, MBA musically known as E-Man is a Liberian American Music Executive and Founder at 1 STEP UP RECORDS. 

E-Man is a husband a father a song writer and poet. 



$10,000 USD per hour minimum one hour singing his song.

$10,000 USD per event reciting his poems/speaking engagement.

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EMan Liberian Music Top Love Music LIB
You Can Do It Emmanuel (EMan) Blimie 1 Step Up Records Top Song 2021-2022 LIB Music Liberian Music
Bring Your Friends, E-Man, LIB, Ibra Buwembo, Liberia, 1 Step Up Records, Top Music

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Ticket to Emmanuel Blimie aka E-Man Mr. 1 Step Up,  Bring Your Friends Tour across Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America and Europe will be sold at the entrance way ONLY.  Tickets are not transferable or refundable. Those who bought tickets  and entered even though not recommended are allowed to exit  and re-enter stamped and verified upon re-entry. Seats are not guaranteed and free pop corns are available on a first come first serve basis, any disobedience, disturbance, fight  or interruption to the well beings of the concert may result in you being asked to leave or forcefully escorted out with no refund.

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Song List

  • Bring Your Friends - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Cheating Is- Emmanuel Blimie
  • You Can Do It- Emmanuel Blimie
  • Never Doubt It - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Thank God - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Best Life Stands - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Money They Want - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Deserves a Ring - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Beautiful - Emmanuel Blimie
  • DJ Play- Emmanuel Blimie
  • Forever and Ever- Emmanuel Blimie 
  • God's Grace - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Things Mama Will Do - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Boom! Boom! Boom! - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Formula - Emmanuel Blimie
  • Your Expression - Emmanuel Blimie